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Dec 1, 2012
1987-88 Grade 13A, 13B, 13C
Many more photos captioned today.

Nov 27, 2012
1975-76 CLUBS - PDF file (8 pages);
1986-87 GRADE 10 - PDF file (7 pages);
Many more photos captioned today.

Nov 24, 2012
1987-88 GRADE 13 - PDF file (6 pages);
1966-67 GRADE 10 - PDF file (10 pages);
Many photos captioned today - especially years 87-88
Apologies for the lack of updating recently; I was sick.

Nov 9, 2012
1982-83 CLUBS - PDF file (14 pages).

Nov 7, 2012
1979-80 CLUBS - PDF file (16 pages).
1966-67 CLUBS - PDF file (11 pages).
General cleanup of site - uniformity of titles; captioned all the ASTRA section that wasn't already captioned.

Nov 5, 2012
While it may seem that nothing has happened here in quite a few days, nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of photos have been captioned in the last week alone. There has been a major influx of photos - especially of years 66-67, 69-70. 70-71, 75-76, and many other years.
It continues to be distressing noting the major errors in the original ASTRAS. Incorrect student spellings is one thing that occurs so often; however, it's often times impossible to know the correct spelling. So, I just reproduce what's there and hope that people will be good enough to tell us the errors so that we can correct them.
It's even more distressing noting that often there are more names in a row than there are people to take those names. Somestimes the whole caption is obviously meant for another photo, and too many times, there is just a list of names with no indication of placement to the attached photo.
Perhaps the most distressing item is the lack of captioning altogether - almost as if people will know who the individuals are - even decades after the original photo.

Oct 30, 2012
1972-73 CLUBS PDF file (18 pages).
Continued the cleanup of ragged ends - Moving titles beneath photos to save considerable spaces per page (200 allowed per page).
Did many more captions of photos already on the site.

Oct 28, 2012
Many 50's & 60's grade 9 and 10 captioned class photos. Many other class pictures of all years, but not yet captioned. It takes a long time captioning large classes.
1968-69 grade 10 PDF file (8 pages).
Several boys' basketball inserted - 1963-64 being one of them.

Oct 27, 2012
1970 - 1971  CLUBS - 13 page PDF file.
1971 - 1972  CLUBS - 14 page PDF file.
Also many sports pictures from these two ASTRAS.
Most grade nine classes from the 50's - including captioning.
The STAFF photo from 1970 - 71 is not presented because it's composed of a cartoon drawing of each staff member with a small and roughly cut out photo of the staff member. The head is too small and detail too small to really do anything with it.
The STAFF photo from 1971 - 72 is somewhat better than the previous year but is composed of random and weird puzzle pieces of staff photos. Bizzare is all that I can say.
Oct 25, 2012
1970 - 1971  Many photos from this yearbook - especially miscellaneous sports and boys' sports that aren't football or basketball related; there are also a few pictures from sports in the early 70's.
Again ran into the physical maximum number of items within "Other boy's sports" and had to apply the fix used yesterday on "Miscellaneous sports" whereby all RED titles are integrated into the photo itself (with its caption). Under this method, though, the RED title appears under the photo and this is not entirely intuitive. To increase awareness of this, a RED upward-pointing arrow ()at the beginning of the heading and at its end gives a visual cue where this heading belongs.
Oct 24, 2012
1999 - 2000  Staff PDF file (7 pages) - individual photos on first 2 pages of this file, followed by 5 pages of group photos by department.
1950s to middle 1960s Many assorted files including clubs and all sports.
Ran into a severe problem today. Each web page is restricted to 200 entries (unknown to me); had to change the naming convention to recover; however, this means that the RED title above each photo must now be below instead. Somewhat confusing. It's apparent that this fix will have to be eventually applied to all web pages, and that's one heck of a lot of work.
Oct 23, 2012
1968 - 1969  18-page PDF file - CLUBS posted.
Oct 18, 2012
1999 - 2000 STAFF; many assorted photos from the 50's - especially late 50's - Student councils, various sports, including football, etc. I still don't know why suddenly the captions reverse without warning from the normal left to right veering right to left instead. Perhaps it is to keep me on my toes as I retype them 'backdwards.'
Oct 17, 2012
1999 - 2000 Football, Senior Boys' Volleyball, Senior Girls' Basketball, Cross Country, Cheerleaders, Junior & Senior Girls' Volleyball, Junior & Senior Boys' Volleyball, Junior & Senior Boys' Basketball; Junior Girls' Basketball. NOTE: of the 6 team photos on adjacent pages, only two had the right captions underneath. It was frustrating trying to find which caption belonged with each photo. Did I say it was frustrating?
Many Cadet pictures from the 50's.
Oct 15, 2012
2002 - 2003 Graduating Class individual photos posted - 11 pages each with 36 individual photos.
2002-2003 Football.
Oct 12, 2012
2002 - 03 Grade 11 individual photos posted - 4 pages each with 63 individual photos.
Oct 10, 2012
2002 - 03 Grade 9 (4 pages) & Grade 10 (5 pages) - each page with 63 individual photos each.
Oct 7, 2012
2002 - 03 STAFF (with many original errors in spelling - hopefully fixed);
1956 - 57 Assorted photos spread through several categories.
Oct 6, 2012
2008 - 09 Grade 11 individual photos - 13 pages - PDF file - colour;
1956 - 57 Assorted photos spread through several categories. Many of the photos in this year were scanned, photoshopped and posted by Preston Archibald. This is a non-trivial amount of work and I want to thank him for his many hours of work - and learning so amny new indispensible skills in order to do this.
Oct 3, 2012
1959 - 60 Grade 13 individual pictures including a picture of Miss C. McQuade;
1939 - 40 Girls' Basketball; STAFF picture.
Oct 2, 2012
1967 - 68 Grade 13A & 13B posted; Some of the original photos are quite disappointing - especially of Bob Hastings. The original was a mass of black ink from which few details could be extracted wven with the best software tools; however, got his right eye and part of his face somewhat recovered. It's interesting that 13B was markedly better. The problem must have been in the printing process.
Oct 1, 2012
2008 - 09 STAFF - 5 pages each with 20 photos.
Sept 30, 2012
1974 - 75  FINISHED 74-75 ASTRA. Added 2 musicals (in one year?) ... "No No Nanette" & "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (under "Other Musicals").
2008 - 09 Grade 12 individual photos (6 pages, each with 25 colour pictures) - see Grade 12 Classes with appropriate link to PDF; regretfully, had to reduce resolution because space for the PDF files is at a premium - already. The original file is high resolution.
Sept 28, 2012
1974 - 75 Boys' Junior & Senior Volleyball; girls' Junior & Senior Volleyball - both captioned; Ski Team - huge photo with NO captions; Student Council, Swim Team, Golf (2 photos), Cross Country (3 photos), Ski Team (huge photo), Boys' Wrestling, Curling (3 photos), Gymnastics (2 photos).
Sept 27, 2012
1974 - 75  Clubs and such has a link to a 74-75 PDF file (17 pages). Also posted are: Cheerleaders, senior & junior Football teams, girls' senior, junior and Grade 9 Basketball teams, boys' senior, junior and midget Basketball teams and girls' gymnastics.
The big disappointment is that about 1/2 of the group photos have NO captions whatsoever. Even the staff is not captioned.
Sept 26, 2012
2008 - 09 Graduating photos - 8 pages, PDF file, 232 individual photos. Find the link under Graduating Students.
1974 - 75 Graduating photos - 4 pages, PDF file, 58 individual photos; find the link under Grade 13 & OAC Classes. Emmm ... I guess Grade 13 should be equivalent to Graduating Students. Anyway, for now, that's where you'll find them.
Sept 25, 2012
ASSORTED OLDER PHOTOS  HISTORICAL PHOTOS: More pictures from the Uxbridge Museum - one that required far too much work to reconstruct. Also, the program from the Dedication of the first addition to USS in December 11th, 1963 is posted.
Sept 23, 2012
1924 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM  HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Thanks to the Uxbridge Museum, you'll find the program for the 1924 Commencement (under Commencement Prog.) - and as a PDF file. I flagged it in RED so that it stands out. It's really worth a look and read despite its bedraggled condition.
Sept 22, 2012
HISTORICAL PHOTOS: Courtesy of the Uxbridge Museum, many new photos of UHS, and they're captioned, cleaned up and look great. See these in "History of USS."
Sept 21, 2012
1975 - 76 Junior Football posted (excellent photo - NO photoshopping!); Newly completed UHS in 1923 - excellent picture (see History of USS). Several photos from the Uxbridge Museum - years 1924, 1932, 1933 - same category.
ALSO ... potpourri of posting today including
DECADE ROOM poster on first page.
Sept 20, 2012
2003 - 04 Graduating Class - see "Graduating Students" and click on link to take you to the PDF file - 6 pages.
Sept 16, 2012
1974 - 75 Grade 10 students - PDF file - 10 pages.
2003 - 04 Added the STUNNING ASTRA cover for 2003 - 2004 - See `Astra & its precursor.`I absolutely love this and I think you will too.me category.
Sept 15, 2012
1928 Final third of the large 1928 photo. I'm pretty positive now that this old photo was taken in 1928 (see bottom righthand corner of third section). Many/most of the photos in the '75 ASTRA are NOT captioned; so now we have lots and lots of pictures with no idea whatsoever of WHO these students are. It's hard to know how to process these. We could (and probably will) just post the raw photos and maybe SOMEONE can give us a handle on just who these students are. Even the teachers are not identified!
Sept 14, 2012
1974 - 75 Grade 9 classes are in one PDF file - 9 pages.
Another LARGE scale school photo resides in the "Large group photos." The date is believed to be 1924 (unlikely because the school would have been brand new that year and this structure doesn't look that new.) The other date seems to be 1928.  Many thanks to Preston Archibald for not only scanning this long photo (requiring 3 scanner widths) but also did much of the photo editing on the result. THANKS PRESTON! Two thirds of the photo is now processed and up. The last third will be processed tomorrow (the right third).
Sept 13, 2012
1974 - 75 Grade 12 classes are in one PDF file - 8 pages. This file contains identification errors, I think. Please advise if you can help us out by correcting these errors.
1973-74 FINISHED - FINALLY. So many photos in this yearbook were substandard. Almost all of the photos taken indoors were underexposed causing a sea of blotchy grey images that no amount of Photoshopping could fix - at least without giving hours to every photo (a luxury of time that's simply not available). Even then, there were far too many fuzzy out-of-focus pictures (see prom/formal princesses on the right side). There were too many misspelled names, rows in the wrong order - that kind of thing. It was a tough year to process. Hoping the next one is not shackled by the same problems.

Sept 10, 2012
1973 - 74 Graduating Class - individual photos and of excellent quality - finally.
Sept 9, 2012
1973 - 74  STAFF - Redid Peter Bernhardt's picture (see History of USS). As well, a "Letter from U.S.S. to Mr. Bernhardt," published in 1974 on his retirement, has been added to this History section.
This year book continues the mystery of not identifying photos therein. There are MANY pages with absolutely no identification of who's photographed. For example, there are six pages of staff photos and not one is identified; thankfully, Kathleen Trenka and Joyce Taylor could identify virtually all of the photos so they're now properly identified after the fact. It's a mystery why these captions were omitted. Was it supposed to be kind of a puzzle after 4 decades? As well, there is not always a one-to-one correspondence between captions and number of individuals in the photo. Right away, that signals many serious errors to follow.
Sept 8, 2012
1973 - 74  ALL GRADES up to 12 up; these are all in PDF files. The grade 12 classes are of individual photos of each student. Some of these were of excellent quality requiring very little correction (except contrast); some were maginal. Obviously it's in the printing process that this variation occurs since all of the photos would have been taken by the same process. The poorer quality photos look like vaseline or some other greasy substance covered the lense of the camera; they were blurry. It's virtually impossible to Photoshop this type of problem out. Also, some of the photos are out-of-scale - some were up to three times the head size than adjacent photos.  Perhaps this was a result of picture retakes.
Sept 5, 2012
1973 - 74 Grade 9 class photos - 9 pages. These were scanned by Preston Archibald, who, by the way, has scanned many hundreds of the photos that are already displayed here - and many more to come.  THANKS PRESTON! This saves me hours upon hours of time that is now spent mostly within the confines of Photoshop and editing programs. The process from the ASTRA to USS90.com is a lengthy one - but it all starts with scanning the physical book. Now, if we could only rely on the spelling of peoples' names!  This continues to be a very sore spot. If you see any error, PLEASE let us know.  We WILL fix it!
Sept 3, 2012
The move to PDF files - I'm now up-to-speed with creating and posting PDF files. Basically if there are more than 4 photos for a particular grouping, they're now converted to PDF files as a grouping. This seems to be making a reasonable compromise on loading times (you only load what you want to see). I've reprocessed 4 years of grade 9 files (9 pages each) and it seems to be the correct way to go - at least at the moment.
Sept 2, 2012
The move to PDF files The page load times were becoming such a problem - especially for people with a slow Internet connection - that the move to PDF files was continued today with '96-'97 CLUBS. It is anticipated that this will also continue with other years that have a large number of photos. This means you don't have to wait for huge page downloads that encompass ALL years when you're just interested in one particular year. This is a huge improvement.
Sept 1, 2012
1996 - 97 - FINISHED 23 CLUBS (non-athletic). Imagine - twenty-three non-athletic clubs - each with a captioned Photoshopped photo - for just one year. The "CLUBS & SUCH" folder has far too much content (and we're just a fraction into what still has to be added). It would seem that this part of the website has to be moved to PDF files.
Aug 29, 2012
FRUSTRATIONS with incorrect spelling and other major errors. For the year 96-97, finished all grades - individual photos. There continues to be too many spelling and other errors in students' names. This is so frustrating because I can only correct the ones that I know are wrong. On one page of individual students' names, there were seven misspellings that I caught - one for each row of names. Please understand that those are only ones that I caught. There could (and probably are) many other ones that have not been corrected. Who does the proofreading of these? It's just so frustrating perpetuating errors here.
Aug 27, 2012
1996 -97 Finished all the Grade 10 individual photos. There are many students' names that are misspelled in the captions to the photos; some are obvious errors (like switching lettering order) but many are weird spellings that may or may not be correct. We have to rely on feedback from readers to correct these errors. Please, if you see ANY error, please tell us (via the contact us form at the bottom of the menu). Started Grade 9 individual photos. There are many over-exposed photos in this section of the ASTRA. That means Photoshop continues to get a workout.
Aug 25, 2012
1996 -97 Grade 11 finished.
A MAJOR ERROR DISCOVERED: The major error occurs because almost all of the names for individual photos is not recorded as ASCII files, but instead just a simple jpeg file. That means that search engines cannot read the students' names - it's just another picture to the search engine. To get around this problem, I have now gone back and added an ASCII caption for each of the many affected files. This takes a long time as the text must be manually reentered. I wished I had caught this major error before getting to this stage. So, that's the reason you see the text attached to the students' names and ALSO entered again as a caption. It seems like a duplication, but it isn't. Only the caption part of the file is machine readable.
Aug 24, 2012
1996 -97 Starting Grade 11 - 2 pages each with 24 photos up. Also worked on the Valedictorian section for a couple of hours.
Aug 23, 2012
1996 -97 Grade 12 - individual pictures - 10 pages - 20 per page.
Example of a damaged photo that must be repaired before publishing.
Example of a damaged photo that must be repaired before publishing.
Aug 22, 2012
1938 -39 LARGE UHS photo posted with names. This took an 8 hour effort, but the results are cetainly worth it. See the results (by thirds - the original photo is so large) - under "Large group photos."  We are indeed fortunate that one of Yvonne or Garry Harrison's parents had the foresight to record virtually all the names in this huge photo. Those names are given under the three photos below.
The same photograph after digital manipulation.
The same photograph after digital manipulation.
Aug 22, 2012
1938 -39   AFTER digital fixing, it now appears like this: 'This was fixed using Photoshop. Using this powerful tool still takes a LOT of time, but the results are quite satisfying nonetheless.
Aug 21, 2012
1996 -97 STARTED - OAC individual pictures - 5 pages; the quality of these photos was excellent with little or no digital correction required. Very nice.
Aug 20, 2012
1951 -52 Almost finished - This entire ASTRA has very poor quality photos. Most of the pictures cannot be magnified because of this low-resolution, muddy & abysmal quality. So, it's been a real challenge posting these substandard pictures. Photoshop helps a lot removing obvious flaws, but it can't make a purse out of a sow's ear. The individual pictures of the Grade 12 & 13 have been heavily edited to try and upgrade the results.
Aug 17, 2012
1949 -49 - Captions separated from photos - I don't know whose idea it was to put 'keys to photographs' in one place and the photos grouped together in another. It was a bad idea. So, now you're forced to do a wild goose chase to find which caption belongs to what picture. To make matters worse, a significant number of the entries are not even properly described. It was a guessing game to determine ... "is this Basketball? Volleyball? Track & Field? " ... etc. I hadn't realized just how bad photography was in that time. Often you can't differentiate the sex of the person in the picture. Bah, humbud!

Aug 16, 2012
1952 -53 FINISHED - Individual photos of Grade 12 (3 pages) & Grade 13 (1 page). Group photos of Grade 9 (2 pages, A & B), Grade 10 (2 pages, A & B), Grade 11 (1 page). Completed 1952-53.
Aug 15, 2012
1954 -55 FINISHED - Grade 12 Individual pictures (3 pages, including Commercial). STARTED 1953-54 - about 1/2 done, including Student Council, ISCF, Cadets, Boys' & Girls' Volleyball & Basketball, Hockey, BAA & GAA, Track & Field (several) and Public Speaking.
Aug 14, 2012
1954 -55 FRUSTRATIONS -  A few of the photos in this ASTRA are barely recognizable as photos - they are that badly reproduced. It's not the photographer but, I guess, the process during which the yearbook is published. Some pictures are absolutely fine (see 54-55, Grade 9A), yet, looking at the same year but Grade 9B, some are barely recognizable as people. I did spend 1+ hour removing the most egregious artifacts, so it's far better than the original. I had to replace TWO eyes (in two different people), fix countless white flecks and remove long, deep and profound scratches. Very frustrating.
Aug 13, 2012
1994 -95 FINISHED - Drama Club, Technical Wizards, Associate Class,Athletic Council, Grade Reps, Prom Committee, P.A.L.S., O.S.A.I.D, Canada Party Executive, Uxbridge Conference Club, Leadership Convention, Book Club, Camera Club, Tech Crew.

Starting 1954-55 - Originals are of VERY poor quality. Girls' Interschool & Intramural basketball; Boys' Interschool & Intramural basketball, staff, students' council, Boys' & Girls' Athletic Association, Valedictorian, Track & Field Champions.
Aug 11, 2012
1994 -95 CONTINUING ... Midget, Junior & Senior Girls' Basketball; Midget, Junior & Senior Boys' Basketball, Midget, Junior & Senior Girls' Volleyball; Midget & Junior Boys' Volleybal; Junior & Senior Girls' Soccer; Girls' Field Hockey; Track & Field; Cross Country; Swim Team, Boys' Wrestling; Golf; Archery; Curling (5 photos); Tennis; Girls' Softball; Ski Club; Badminton, Outers, Green Machine, Enviro Club, School Reach, I.S.C.F. St. Donat Ski trip, 
Aug 10, 2012
1994 -95 CONTINUING ... Finally finished grade 9 individual pictures. Besides the usual fixes of visual artifacts, there are huge problems of incorrect names of students. Often there's an obvious photo of a girl and yet it's got a boy's name - and vice versa. These kind of problems are very difficult to fix and rely on viewers who do know to take the time to contact us with the right attribution. Please help make this an accurate record. Not only is this new problem a huge time-waster, it's demoralizing to the poster as well.
Aug 9, 2012
1954 -55 CONTINUING - Finished Grade 11 individual pictures. Multiple levels of magnification means that if you click to magnify, and can, again, click to enlarge further. Many of the grade 11 individual pictures had significant flaws that had to be edited out.
Finished grade 10 individual photos (9 pages) - starting grade 9 individual photos (4 done). This is taking a huge amount of time - dividing photos into groups of 24 photos per page, Photoshopping errors, finding numerous incorrect names (!!) and some questionable spellings (PLEASE ADVISE IF YOU SEE ANY ERRORS).
Aug 8, 2012
1994 -95 CONTINUING - Grade 12 individual pictures (6 pages); added 6 pages of individual pictures Grade 11 (almost done).
Aug 7, 2012
A break for three days - No activity on the website for three days ... away on vacation - to a place far away ... under the shady maple trees, beside the noisy little stream.  Nice.
Aug 5, 2012
1994 - 95 - Finished individual photos of GRADUATES - 5 pages of them (see under Graduating Students) Many of these photos were free of any visual artifacts (what a welcome change!) and even with those that required some touchup, the process went quite fast. Hallelujah!
Also started Grade 12 students for same year - first 3 of 6 pages.
Aug 3, 2012
1964 - 65 - FINISHED - 9A, 9B, 9C, 9S1, 9S2, 9T1, 10A, 10B, 10C,10D, 10S1, 10S2,  10T-A, 10T-B, 11A, 11B, 11C, 11D, 11T.
Comments: The photographer should have warned girls in the front row to keep their knees together. Resolving this issue alone has doubled the time required to process. Also, spelling errors on peoples' names continues to be a problem. Often you'd find different spelling from the caption underneath the picture to the "HUMOUR" section about each student. Best estimates were used. Please advise of ANY spelling error, ANYWHERE on the website.  Thanks.
Aug 2, 2012
1964 - 65 Cheerleaders (Other Girls' sports); Cadet band, NCOs and officers and Cadet Rifle Team; Choir & Triple Trio (Bands & Choirs); Public Speaking (Clubs); Drama, ISCF, Y-Teen Clubs; History, Art and Camera Clubs; Seed Judging & Ploughing; 9T2 & 9T3; Sr & Jr Honour Societies.
Aug 1, 2012
1964 - 65 Still in 1964-65 ASTRA : Posted today Jr. & Sr. Hockey, Cross Country, Golf (Other Boys' Sports); Jr & Sr Intramural basketball; Cadet Gym Squad; Curling; Wrestling; Field day Champs (Sports - misc.); Girls' Athletic Society (Other Girls sports); Girls' Senior & Junior interschool volleyball and basketball.
July 31, 2012
1964 - 65 12C, 1964-65 individual photos posted. I had many problems correcting dark, muddy originals. The results are only barely acceptable. Also Valedictory address by Ellen Lapp (1965) is posted. See the Valedictorians section. Sr. & Jr. Boys' Intramural Volleyball (1964-65) - see Other Boys' Sports. Also, in the same  year, Boys' Athletic Society (same category as above), Junior & Senior Football (under FOOTBALL), Sr. Boys' interschool basketball (under Boys' Basketball) & Boys' Interschool basketball (under boys' basketball)
 July 30, 2012
1964 - 65 - 12a, 12b, 1964-65 posted. The 1965 yearbook was published with very muddy, dark pictures. No amount of Photoshop can get rid of the mud - except to make it somewhat  less muddy. Hence you see the individual student pictures are not much better than the original pictures from which they were scanned except that most artifacts have been removed.

Many days it appears that nothing is different on the website. That would not be an accurate assessment, though. Considerable time is spent in the Photoshop process and sometimes the results are distressingly slow. This 'blog' will, starting today, detail what's new as of that date. I will not detail anything that's already posted.  Today, we have 12A individual group pictures posted for the year 64-65. 12B, for the same year, will be posted sometime this afternoon. Individual photos (instead of group photos) take a long time to fix, crop and repost in a group composite.

 July 29, 2012
Website progress report started - Many days it appears that nothing is different on the website. That would not be an accurate assessment, though. Considerable time is spent in the Photoshop process and sometimes the results are distressingly slow. This 'blog' will, starting today, detail what's new as of that date. I will not detail anything that's already posted.  Today, we have 12A individual group pictures posted for the year 64-65. 12B, for the same year, will be posted sometime this afternoon. Individual photos (instead of group photos) take a long time to fix, crop and repost in a group composite.

Each individual photo is Photoshopped to remove any number of artifacts - usually black or white specs, streaks, distortions, muddiness, scratches and other visual distractions. It takes from 5-min to 20-min to do what's absolutely required on each photo. A few times a white spec has completely obliterated one person's eye and that kind of reconstructive repair takes considerably longer (usually copying the 'good' eye and pasting it in). Other facial blemishes are removed (pimples, growths, etc.) as well as reconstructing missing teeth and other facial deformities.
July 27, 2012
Day-to-day progress for website 222.uss90.com ... The last few days were spent scanning 1964-65 ASTRA. Grade 12 and Grade 13 photos are all individually photographed. Some of the photos are OK with minimal defects, but some are just abysmal. The photography of the time used 'half-tone' pictures where dots of varying size and spacing are used to compose the result.
Oct 29, 2012
1963-64 grade 9 PDF (8 pages) and grade 10 PDF file (8 pages).
Several other class photos not yet captioned.