100th Reunion - Uxbridge Secondary School
Lest We Forget
When Uxbridge Secondary School staff and students travelled to France on the most recent USS Remembrance Tour in April 2012, they had no idea how much they would be emotionally impacted by the stories of the veterans who were former USS students.  Our current students researched the veterans, and then located the graves / memorials of four former Uxbridge Secondary students, and now they want to learn more about these men, and other men and women who once walked the halls of Uxbridge Secondary.  
As part of the 90th Anniversary celebrations for USS, the students will be organizing a Room of Remembrance and they are appealing to the community to help them in providing information so they can share the stories of any former USS students who fought in either World War ll or the Great War.  The students and teacher would like to meet with veterans who were former USS students, or their family members to learn about their experiences, in order to pay tribute to them at the Uxbridge Secondary School Reunion on June 21-23, 2013.
Uxbridge Secondary students on the grounds of the Battle of Passchendaele, April 2012.
Uxbridge Secondary students on the grounds of the Battle of Passchendaele, April 2012.
Who answered the call of King and Country in the Great War for Liberty
Abrams, Morley Alsop, Hugh
Anderson, Allan Armstrong, Douglas
Armstrong, George Atkins, Carman
Ball, J. Robert Ball, Stuart
Ball, Wilmot Bascom, Charles
Beswick, Carl Bewell, James
Boyd, Hugh Boyd, Stanley
Bunt, Herman  Burns, Frank
Canning, Harvey Carswell, Edward
Carswell, Morrison Chapin, Roscoe
Clark, George W. Clemence, John
Cook, Austin Cook, Wesley
Cooke, Henry P.  Craig, Drape
Crosby, Gordon Crosby, Harold
Crosby, Joseph DeGeer, Walter
Dobson, William Faulkner, George
Feasby, Harold Ferguson, Bertram
Foster, Roy Francis, Arthur
French, Gladys Glendenning, Stanley
Gould, Harold Gould, Harvey
Gould, Lawrence Gould, Leslie
Gould, Ralph Gould, Russell
Graham, Victor Hamilton, Harold
Hamilton, Roy Harmon, John A
Harmon, Reuben Harmon, Robert
Harmon, Wilfred Hart, Alfred
Hart, Roy Harvey, Irvine
Harvey, Norman Houck, Miles
Jamieson, Howard John, William
Johnson, Boyd Johnson, Howard
Johnson, James Jones, Clarence
Jones, Percy Lapp, Goldwin
Lasher, Percy Levans, Claude
Levans, Jean  Littlejohn, Max
Lott, Frank MacNevin, Frank
MacNevin, Irene MacPhail, Donald
Malyon, Morley Malyon, Roy
Mason, Frank McGillivray, Donald
McKachlin, Hodge McKachlin, Jame
McKay, Robert  McKay, William
McMillan, Alex Meek, Stanley
Moore, Wallace Mustard, Allan
Mustard, John Mustard, William
Newton, Harry Nicholls, Lyman
Nix, Reuben Nutting, Ernest
O’Beirn, William Oke, Fred
Ottewell, Cedric Paisley, Aylmer
Park, Maurice Park, Robert
Patterson, Herbert Petty, William
Pilkey, Clifford Rainey, Edward
Reid, Elizabeth Robinson, George
Rynard, William Scott, William
Sharpe, Sam Shier, Morley
Shier, Walter Smith, Leslie
Spencely, Harold Sproule, Wallace
St.John, William Thompson, Frank 
Thompson, Russell Thompson, D’Arcy
Thompson, James Tremayne, John  
Vicars, Garnet  Waddell, Norman
Ward, Frank  
For King and Country -
Members of Uxbridge High School who have volunteered for active service with Canada’s Fighting Forces
Bookham, William Brandon, W.S.
Broad, Arthur Burchell, Herbert
Burchell, Howard Burchell, Lloyd
Burham, Ross Calderwood,Marshall
Carr, Kenneth Carr, William
Clyde, Ross Colgrove, R.G.
Cooper, Alymer Cooper, Delbert
Coulter, Everett Crapper, Percy
Croskery, David Croskery, Howard
Davis, Ted DeCarle, Jack
Dewson, W. Dunnett, Ray
Dure, Frank England, V.M.
Fawns, Stanley Feasby, Harvey
Feasby, Howard Feffery, Betty
Feir, Vernon Ferguson, Dougal
Ferguson, James Flay, Lawrence
Fletcher, A.K. Forsyth, Donald
Gilfillan, Calder Gilfillan, William
Gordon, Ross Gould, Grant
Graham, Don Graham, Gerald
Greer, Earl Greig, Simpson
Grierson, Kenneth Hamilton, Harold
Hamilton, John Harrison, Ross
Harvey, John Hayes, John
Heron, Neil Hockin, Roy
James, Kenneth James, Wesley
Jeffrey, Betty  Jewell, Robert
Johnson, Mack Johnstone, Robert
Jones, Muriel Jones, T.R.
Kennedy, W.D. Kilpatrick, George
Kilpatrick, Thomas King, Gordon
King, Helen Kydd, Gordon
Lapp, Beverley Leask, Russel
Leask, Margaret Linton, George
Liss, Kenneth Livingstone, Scott
Loader, Arthur  Long, Delmas
Long, Fred Long, Mewburn
Lorimer, Edgar Lott, Frank
Luke, Morley Lyons, Walter
Lyons, William MacDonald, Ken
MacGillvary, Robert  MacKay, Charles
Madill, Gordon Madill, Henry
Marchen, Samuel Martin, James
McClintock, Bill McClintock, Jack
McLean, Neil McLeod, George
Meek, William Meisener, Laverne
Mellow, Ross Merrick, Basil
Merrick, Fred Merrick, Irvin
Mills, Hubert Mills, Ted
Moore, James Morden, D’Arcy
Morden, Gordon Morden, Lawrence
Morrow, Clare Norton, Harry
Norton, Newton Norton, Sam
Norwood, Edward Norwood, Walter
O’Beirn, Bernard O’Beirn, Ted E
Oliver, Fred Otto, Hector
Painter, Charles Painter, Roy
Pilkey, Douglas Pipher, Jack
Powell, Percy Randall, William
Risebrough, Ronald Rodman, Floyd
Rodman, Ross Rynard, James
Steward, Lloyd Shulman, Nathan
Smith, Norman Smith, A. Gordon
Smith, Clarence Smith, Glenford
Smith, Gordon H. Smith, Melvin
Smith, Ross Soper, Haig
St. John, Russel Stearman, Arnold
Stemp, Charles Stemp, Edward
Stemp, Gordon Stemp, Harry
Stemp, Stephen Stephen, Harold
Stephen, Lyman Steward, Fred
Stewart, Robert Studholme, Charles
Suggitt, Evans Sweetman, Bruce
Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Carl
Terry, John Trebell, Clare
Umphrey, Bob Vance, Leland
Vance, Russel Vernon, Elmo
Vesey, Jack  Vrooman, Carl
Wagg, Dean Wagg, Lawrence
Wagg, Kenneth Walker, Bruce
Walsh, Frank Wass, Herbert
Wass, Jack Wass, Keith
Watson, Phyliss Weiser, Ben
Weiser, Jasper Welch, Frank
Widdifield, Muriel Wilkinson, Bob
Wilkinson, Scott Williamson, Alex
Williamson, Bill Williamson, Peter
Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Roy Yake, Playter